Friday, March 7, 2008

Alicia Made It!

Hi, this is Alicia sister, Erin. Alicia gave me the permission to get into her blog and post information about her trip since her access to the Internet is going to be limited. So, here is an update.

She made is safely to Malawi on February 25 and is in her homestay site of Dedza, Malawi. She will be here for 2-3 months for training and once she is sworn in as an official Peace Corps Volunteer she will move to her permanent site. Her trainers emailed the families some group shots and I have pasted them above. Looks like she is doing fine. And the scenery looks beautiful.

If anyone wants to send her messages, you can look towards the bottom of the page here and her mailing address is listed. Or, if you leave a comment on this site I will print them off and mail them with my weekly letter to her. I am sure she would love to hear from lots of her family and friends, so please don't hesitate to leave a message.

I will keep you all updated when we receive anymore information.



The Wilson Family said...

Congrats dude. Jenn and I are very proud of you. We have a baby girl now by the way. She was born on the 9th. I will try to get you a picture of her as soon as possible. Take care sweetie.

-Christian, Jenn, Ashlyn, and Bailey

Sara said...

Hey Alicia-
I was glad to hear you arrived safely! Everything is going well with college so I couldn't be happier. I hope all is well with you, I am sure you will take full advantage of this amazing opportunity. My prayers are with you! - Sara

RAH · Mount Airy, MD said...

Alicia (or should I say Alice) I am so glad that you are getting settled and you are with a great group. I bet you will be surprised about how fast you learn the language when it is all around you. Who knows, maybe you are already fluent now! Who needs 5 weeks. Those bananas sound delicious as well as the fried food you get with tea. And the night sky... I think I would stare at it while brushing teeth too. Many of us don't get the luxury of starlight teeth brushing so take advantage while you can! One more thing I have to comment on... so the village name was big foot? Was there a sighting? David must hear of this! We miss you tons here. Have fun and continue to learn - I know you will!

moniCa said...

hi, i am a pcv in south africa, hoping to travel in malawi after i finish in july 2008. maybe ill be comin around your way in october. my goal is to visit many pcvs along the way. i would like to try to contact the wider group and just pass along my email address to see if anyone is interested in hosting a wandering stranger :) please get in touch if you can:


Elizabeth R said...

The gang is incomplete without you!! We're one cookie short of a barrel, one monkey less than a herd, 18 third graders and only 17 cartons of milk... you get the idea. But you are, of course, always in our thoughts and conversation, and the general agreement is WE MISS YOU! Love Lizard and Company